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Sign up for the ScandPhys conference in Oslo

Welcome to physiology conference in Oslo 26-28 of August !

The meeting will feature world-renowned plenary speakers and a diverse set of symposia, with a particular focus on topics within heart, skeletal muscle and neurobiology.

UIO_Logo_Oslo_2016_253x400➢ FREE admission for PhD/master (but you have to register).
➢ The social program includes a reception in the city hall and the conference dinner following a boat trip to the Viking Ship Museum.
➢ For more information and registration:

Topics include: Brain plasticity, perineuronal nets, optogenetic dissection of brain circuits, super-resolution imaging,  consciousness etc….



Plenary lectures:
➢ Peter Norsk: Spaceflight and the cardiovascular system
➢ Kenneth R. Chien: Rebuilding the heart with human ventricular progenitors
➢ James Fawcett: Plasticity and axon regeneration in spinal cord and brain
➢ Åsa Gustafsson: Autophagy and adaption to cardiac aging
➢ Terje Lømo: The discovery of LTP and its significance today

DigiBrain kick-off meeting

Aim: Get together and celebrate! Make plans for the project; who are the contributors and what are the expectations. Plan activities and organization of the project. Discuss interactions with and contributions to the Digital Life Norway (DLN) Centre.

Invited: Partners, contributors and group members, stake holders, steering committee/Digitalt Liv Norge representatives.

UiO: Marianne Fyhn, Torkel Hafting, Anders Malthe-Sørenssen, Morten Hjorth-Jensen, Camilla Esguerro.
OUS: Ole A. Andreassen, Srjdan Djurovic, Torbjørn Elvsåshagen.
NMBU: Finn-Arne Weltzien, Gaute Einevoll, Kjetil Hodne.
Simula Research Laboratory: Aslak Tveito, Andy Edwards.
NTNU: Cliff Kentros
Pharmasum: Anders Fugelli, John-Sigurd Svendsen (UiT)
Holberg EEG: Harald Aurlien

Steering committee (to be completed): Finn-Eirik Johansen (IBV)++
DLN: Svein Stølen (head of board), Gunnar Dick (coordinator of UiO work group)

Where: Bikuben, Kristine Bonnevie’s hus, Blindern. Dinner downtown Oslo.

When: January 26th, 11.30-dinner

CINPLA goes to Sundvolden

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences arranged a conference for the Strategic Research Initiatives 09.02 – 10.02 at Sundvolden. The conference consisted of lectures from the leaders of each of the SRIs, a poster session and social activities. CINPLA made a strong showing, with 7 posters as well as an interactive session featuring an Integrate-and-fire app. Milad and Svenn-Arne even won awards for their posters!

All the posters can be viewed here:

brainTissue (winner), lgn (runner-up), spike_sorting, polychaos, CSEmeetthecinplas

The posters are licenced under a
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.