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About Simen Tennø

I am a former master student in Astronomy, with a specialization in computational astrophysics. My thesis was on halo finding in modified gravity N-body simulation.

I am now a PhD student in computational neuroscience.

Price for excellence in education awarded to Hans Petter Langtangen

Professor Hans Petter Langtangen was awarded the Olav Thon Foundation prize for excellence in education 2016. He is  a world-leading pioneer introducing python scripting in science education, and his book Python Scripting for Computational Science (Springer) was quickly sold out when it was released in 2003, and the new edition is still on the best-selling lists. The price was awarded for his work on modernizing the education at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Oslo.


Traditionally, science courses with much use of mathematical models applied pen and paper techniques to solve the mathematical problems. This is still so in most courses in the world. However, Langtangen wanted the students to solve mathematical problems through programming from day 1, because this is the way one does mathematics today in industry and research.

In 1999 he started a course at UiO with the aim of teaching scripting and automation in science, and the course notes evolved into the book in 2003, placing UiO in the forefront when it comes to computation in science education.

Langtangen has educated over 1000 people in Python, both scientists and administrative software developers. When he started in 1999, Python was hardly used at all in Norwegian industry, now it is commonly used. And by “Python” Langtangen mean much more than the language, it’s the way of working: automating manual operations for reliability, being more effective, seeing new ways to do things.

Langtangen is director of the Center for Biomedical Computing, a Norwegian Center of Excellence 2007-2017 at the  Simula Research Laboratory.

This is the second time this price is awarded to a CINPLA member.

Poster awards to Milad and Svenn-Arne

Milad Hobbi Mobarhan from CINPLA won the poster competition at the Strategic Research Environments’ conference, hosted by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. With the price comes a travel grant of 20,000 NOK.

Svenn-Arne Dragly from CINPLA and Even Sannes Riiser from CELS were runner ups and was both awarded with travel grants of 5000 NOK.

Congratulations to Milad, Svenn-Arne and Even!