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I’m a Ph.D. student in Computational Neuroscience. I have bachelor degrees in Physics and Mathematics, and did my Master’s Thesis, titled “Applications of Compressed Sensing” in the Computational Physics group at UiO.

CINPLA goes to Sundvolden

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences arranged a conference for the Strategic Research Initiatives 09.02 – 10.02 at Sundvolden. The conference consisted of lectures from the leaders of each of the SRIs, a poster session and social activities. CINPLA made a strong showing, with 7 posters as well as an interactive session featuring an Integrate-and-fire app. Milad and Svenn-Arne even won awards for their posters!

All the posters can be viewed here:

brainTissue (winner), lgn (runner-up), spike_sorting, polychaos, CSEmeetthecinplas

The posters are licenced under a
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.