DigiBrain kick-off meeting

Aim: Get together and celebrate! Make plans for the project; who are the contributors and what are the expectations. Plan activities and organization of the project. Discuss interactions with and contributions to the Digital Life Norway (DLN) Centre.

Invited: Partners, contributors and group members, stake holders, steering committee/Digitalt Liv Norge representatives.

UiO: Marianne Fyhn, Torkel Hafting, Anders Malthe-Sørenssen, Morten Hjorth-Jensen, Camilla Esguerro.
OUS: Ole A. Andreassen, Srjdan Djurovic, Torbjørn Elvsåshagen.
NMBU: Finn-Arne Weltzien, Gaute Einevoll, Kjetil Hodne.
Simula Research Laboratory: Aslak Tveito, Andy Edwards.
NTNU: Cliff Kentros
Pharmasum: Anders Fugelli, John-Sigurd Svendsen (UiT)
Holberg EEG: Harald Aurlien

Steering committee (to be completed): Finn-Eirik Johansen (IBV)++
DLN: Svein Stølen (head of board), Gunnar Dick (coordinator of UiO work group)

Where: Bikuben, Kristine Bonnevie’s hus, Blindern. Dinner downtown Oslo.

When: January 26th, 11.30-dinner

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