Install klustakwik and klustaviewa on ubuntu

Note that this project is being replaced by phy

First of all you need the right dependencies, its easiest to do with anaconda – make a virtual environment!

cd into your preferred directory e.g. $HOME/apps/ in this example, clone the necessary repos, make symlink and install.

git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone 

cd klustaviewa

ln -s ../qtools/qtools qtools
ln -s ../galry/galry galry
ln -s ../spikedetekt2/spikedetekt2 spikedetekt2
ln -s ../kwiklib/kwiklib kwiklib

python develop

make klustakwik and rename the executable

cd $HOME/apps/klustakwik
mv KlustaKwik klustakwik

export path in your ~/.bashrc file

export PATH=$HOME/apps/klustakwik/:$PATH

Download test data (.zip) and change params.prm to this file cd to example dir and enter

klusta params.par

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